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No doubt, the internet has gone places since its inception. I should know as an insider who has been influenced by the works of Internet experts in the biomedical field. The term Internet Communication Technology(ICT) has found its way to the lifestyle of biomedical professionals as it has done to all other professions in the information age.
This simple guide details must-have personalities and resources any ambitious biomedical scientist should know as a foundation for personal development on how the internet operates.

Pat Letendre specializes in developing transfusion-related websites and managing mailing lists for health professionals. She consults in the areas of Internet training, information retrieval and analysis, communication skills, technical writing, and transfusion medicine education. She has 22 years experience as an educator and clinical instructor, including 13 years teaching how to use the Internet for professional development.

Pat Letendre gave me the needed start on technical 'know-how' of biomedical internet and how the internet works. One of her ever green lecture is available
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Ed Uthman

Professor Pat was the one who introduced me to Ed Uthman. She described him as the web's most sought after Pathologist. That recommendation meant a lot to me and I quickly dashed to the home page of Ed Uthman. What I saw in terms of biomedical resources was impactful and intellect building. For example, it was there I knew for the first time that the PATHO-L exist. The PATHO-L is a discussion group for pathologists, but also histo- and cytotechnologists, histologic technicians, practice administrators, risk managers, quality managers, and students looking into pathology as a career.
It was founded in 1994 by Vijay Varma MD.
Other interesting site highly recommended for biomedical scientists found on Ed's home page are:
For example, the following sites are available at EdUthman personal home page:
(1) Medical Books:
(2) Nutrients
(3) Labmedicine
(4) Biomed History
(5) Labexplorer
(6) MMWR

Ed Uthman home page is located at
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Marry Cunningham

She is a lecturer at University of Alberta Canada with interest in Haematology and coagulation. She is a fan of Pat Letendre.
You can locate her at
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Lou Caru

Caru is a Clinical Laboratory Science expert with amazing internet presence. His Internet resources posted on his homepage is an archive of biomedical internet education.
For more on his internet resources, Quick Access Here